Writing Manifesto

most writers need a little prod now and then - here's one I jotted to myself while attending two writing conferences this week: You are a writer. When you write, it matters that you put words … [Read more...]

Poets know failure

Another month, another list of failures. Such is the life of a poet. Rejections from literary publications, misses in contest submissions, “no room at the inn” messages from retreats.   A poet sure … [Read more...]

Writing on stone

I just finished a new essay based on old notes. Writing takes time. Writing works with time. In this case, the taking of time is particularly appropriate. I wrote about Writing-On-Stone Park, the … [Read more...]

The risks and rewards of Life Writing

What are the risks of writing non-fiction about real people, real family heartbreaks, real relationship challenges? Does writing about life’s difficulties produce any catharsis and relief? Why would a … [Read more...]

What E-Books mean to writers

In September, I gave a presentation to the Wired Words conference (Federation of BC Writers). My presentation was on my LinkedIn profile but difficult to find, so here is a direct link to it on … [Read more...]

Homes, writing and the sense of self

‘You can’t go home again,’ Thomas Wolfe wrote in his famous 1940 novel that carried the phrase as its title. But for writers the greater truth may be that you can never leave home. Or that home never … [Read more...]

Learning to write like I run

Pull on the shorts, the t-shirt and the runners. Head out the door. Put one foot in front of the other. Again and again. At its core, running has an attractive simplicity to it. If only writing were … [Read more...]

Journals and their backstory

A stack of journals sits on my desk. Hilroy notebooks, perfect-bound journals with elastic ties, a big black drawing book with many blank white pages, a couple notebooks with section tabs, and one … [Read more...]

Writing Home: a workshop

Writing Home. That's the theme I look forward to exploring with fellow writer and writing instructor Judith Williams at our workshop on Saturday October 1. It will literally be a case of writing … [Read more...]

The greatest mystery: contracts

We writers are intrigued by mysteries. We read them. Many writers compose them. Hey, even I have a mystery novel manuscript in a box in my basement. We are intrigued by the unknown. Yet for many … [Read more...]