Expectations and life’s hard, unpredictable, realities

Journeys have meaning because they are unpredictable, nuanced, and tinged with risk. Otherwise, why journey? And every day is a journey. Like most nuggets of wisdom, this is easier to digest when not … [Read more...]

Runners’ Blessing

Here is a lovely and inspiring blessing to runners and running, written and delivered by Doug Koop at the start of the 2012 Manitoba Marathon. I wasn't at the race - but am fortunate to have Doug as a … [Read more...]

Inside the Run: 90 minutes or one moment?

Here is an essay/meditation I wrote a few summers ago, trying to capture the 'flow' of a long distance run. It's a longish piece as a result and likely only of interest to fellow runners. The trail … [Read more...]

A cheer, magnified

Aren’t cheerleaders great? I’m not thinking of high school and college cheer teams – though they may also be great. I haven’t been around those much in recent years.   I am thinking of the … [Read more...]

The everyday and the extraordinary

Where do you find your inspiration? I often find mine on my runs. On many of those runs I have the advantage of passing what must be one of the most inspiring points one could imagine.   The … [Read more...]

Learning to write like I run

Pull on the shorts, the t-shirt and the runners. Head out the door. Put one foot in front of the other. Again and again. At its core, running has an attractive simplicity to it. If only writing were … [Read more...]

Spring sideways: the northern runner

In the north, running in the spring is a special kind of challenge. Special as in 'we don't have a choice so we adapt.' Recreational trails where I live aren't plowed of snow, so footing is nearly … [Read more...]

The pleasure of the middle miles

The middle miles of a long run might be a little like the middle years of life - a time for the pleasure of being in the moment. On my long training runs, it always seems that middle miles are where … [Read more...]

The psychology of performance

The motivation to perform is a curious thing.   Last week, as I prepared for a weekend run, it struck me how strongly artificial motivators were driving my attitude and even my metabolism. As the … [Read more...]