Reconnecting with people and place

A short summer post today. Over the past few weeks, I refreshed the look of this site with some new photos by Victoria's Will Winter.  I hope you like the look.  Those of you who subscribe to the … [Read more...]

Flowers, trust and community

One of the things I love about my new neighbourhood of Fairfield, in Victoria (BC, Canada) is the variety of "faces" presented by homes in the community. Each house, condo or apartment has a different … [Read more...]

In Jane’s shoes and through Jane’s eyes, #2

The unpredictability of urban sidewalks was an attraction to Jane  Jacobs. As we started our recent Jane’s Walk, we noted elements that add ‘clutter’ to the sidewalk – flower pots and standing signs. … [Read more...]

In Jane’s shoes and through Jane’s eyes, #1

Feet on the street and eyes on the community. Two fundamentals of the work of urban thinker Jane Jacobs (1916-2006) resonate with me – the idea that an urban environment is best understood at ground … [Read more...]

Northern cities: visibly unsustainable

Winter shows us something. There is much talk, in recent years, about the sustainability of our society, our lifestyles, our cities. This has been a long, cold, snowy winter for much of North … [Read more...]

Cities face new multicultural challenges

As the world's cities become increasingly multicultural, one wonders how smoothly - or not - they will deal with diversity. At the recent Pathways 2 Sustainability 2011 conference, there was much … [Read more...]

Are Canada’s cities sustainable?

This week, I'm covering the Sustainable Communities Conference 2011 for The Urban Times. The conference gathers municipal leaders, planners and others to share ideas and examples of sustainability in … [Read more...]

In search of nimble cities

Our urban places are complex places. Cities are where, in today's digital world, the ideas and issues of our society often originate and get acted upon. In a quickly-changing world, businesses and … [Read more...]

These are urban times

We citizens of the world are increasingly citizens of cities. The places that concern us, that interest us, that engage us on a daily basis are our urban places - our streets and neighbourhoods. For … [Read more...]

Keeping busy?

You are busy. I am busy. As we know, we wear these statements like badges of accomplishment in our society, in these early years of the 21st century. That's not likely to change significantly for … [Read more...]