From the ashes: looking down to discover the forest

Back in my old haunts last week, in the boggy bush around Lodgepole, Alberta, I passed through a swath of recently burned timber. In exploring natural areas, I am trying to train my eye to look down. … [Read more...]

The genius of moss

What do you see when you look at these photos?  Bad lumber? Difficult walking terrain?   We are conditioned to see places through the lenses of tourism, or industry, or comfort. Where are the … [Read more...]

Exploring a woman’s way west

For years I have been working on a manuscript about the boggy bush country of western Alberta. It’s a landscape that is resource rich, at least in terms of resources that were economically important … [Read more...]

To get away

There is often great irony in a writer's desire to get away. Away, where there are fewer distractions and impositions. Writing retreats promise that, yet inevitably raise new distractions, new issues … [Read more...]