Reviews & Awards

Drawing Back to Take a Running Jump:

Drawing Back to Take a Running Jump“As a musician and a writer, Drawing Back To Take A Running Jump speaks very deeply to me.

Lorne Daniel captures feelings, places, memories and thoughts with great care and passion. Like the songs written and performed by great musicians that reveal new nuances with each listening, I find new shades of meaning with each reading.

Lorne, thank you. Your book is not only a very good read, it gives me much food for thought and has helped me see some things in a whole new way.

The last line in ‘The History Of Hands’ is so very powerful … I may just have to write a song about that! Well done Lorne!” –  Gil Namur

 Reviews of Towards a New Compass:

Towards A New Compass - Lorne Daniel“Poems anchored in poetic autobiography which create an intensity around individual experiences.” – Quill & Quire

“The voice is searching, hopeful and sometimes angry. The reader feels there is something at stake.” – Pier Giorgio Di Cicco, Books in Canada


 Reviews of Falling Together:

Falling Together - Lorne Daniel“Falling Together sparkles with sensitivity and truth. At once down-to-earth and evocative, this collection depicts family life from the perspective of a single father. Lorne Daniel engraves his poems – his words keen blades that carve lush details in ordinary settings, grounding all with sure emotion. These poems delight with their spontaneity.” – Anita Hurwitz, Poetry Canada Review

“He doesn’t shy away from subjects which in clumsier hands could turn sticky: a son’s favourite blanket, a daughter learning to count, tucking children into bed. Kudos, Lorne.” – Pat Jasper, Poetry Toronto

“Daniel has a particular skill in evoking memory, coupled with the intelligence and control to explore broad themes on an intimate level.” – Andrew Brooks, Canadian Literature vol 117

“Lorne Daniel’s poetry in Falling Together is concerned with the elements of life, love, separation and pain. And it is full of risks. There is little cushioning from the cutting truth.” – Linda Christie, FreeLance

“Emotion and incident are linked in ways that accurately reflect the way we synthesize experience, putting it into the context of the rest of our lives rather than magnifying the poetic moment as a separate phenomenon.” – G.P. Greenwood, The Calgary Herald

Reviews of the first Ride Off Any Horizon anthology:
Ride Off Any HorizonRide Off Any Horizon II“The standard of work here is high and the range of subjects is broad. Very highly recommended.” – Pat Bolger, Canadian Review of Materials.

“…it is an excellent beginning. At their best, poets express a distillation of their environment. Judging from this book, the West is an interesting place, and westerners have a lot to say.” – Bill Pasnak, Alberta Report

  • Winner, Jon Whyte Memorial Essay Prize, 1996, for “Today is the Frontier.”
  • Recipient, Canada Council and Alberta Culture writing grants.