Fresh Tracks

On this mild day in early winter, the snowfall is still perched lightly on the bent blades of grass. It won't be like this for long but today the snow is ornamental, a decorative addition to the … [Read more...]


This summer I spent a month re-immersed in writing, as a student in the MFA Creative Writing program offered by the University of New Orleans in vibrant San Miguel de Allende, MX. I don’t need … [Read more...]

Twitter: new literary form?

I’m taking a shot at Twitter. As in, I’m giving it a try, not aiming criticism. Certainly it’s an easy enough target for criticism or parody. In an essay called Reality Hunger: A Manifesto, novelist … [Read more...]


A frontier is an outer limit – an edge that, by definition, can often be moved. Today’s frontier is tomorrow’s history. I am interested how we each explore the frontiers that capture our imagination. … [Read more...]