Runners’ Blessing

Here is a lovely and inspiring blessing to runners and running, written and delivered by Doug Koop at the start of the 2012 Manitoba Marathon. I wasn’t at the race – but am fortunate to have Doug as a brother-in-law. I hope you runners enjoy this as much as I did.

 Run well, my friends.
You stand at the starting line.
Anxious. Eager!
You have chosen your race
And the miles await your stamina.
Soon the thunder of thousands of footfalls will surge …
A drumbeat of determination.
The starter’s pistol releases you into the chaos …
The chaos of countless individual commitments …
Collected in common pursuit.
May you rejoice in the fellowship of your companions.

Run well, my friends.
Give it your marathon effort.
May your limbs be strong.
May your will be firm and your soul serene.

Run well, my friends.
May your minds find focus.
May your hearts overflow with joy.
May angel wings make fleet your feet.
May the winds of the sublime billow your lungs.

Run well, my friends.

runner's blessing

runner’s blessing



  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this! Doug, you are a truly inspired writer and a great friend.

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