Writing Manifesto

most writers need a little prod now and then – here’s one I jotted to myself while attending two writing conferences this week:

You are a writer.

When you write, it matters that you put words down
and work with them. Again and again.
What will come of that is, simply, written work.
Words work.
You think ahead, you think back
but the work of a writer is here, now,
on this page. This word – and the next.
Don’t stop to look both ways.
Pick up the words where last you left them.
A writer is the architect, engineer, construction manager,
electrician, labourer and finishing carpenter of the document.
Most of the hours are labour.
Work. Now.


  1. Anonymous says:


    Coming out of conference land, I appreciated this, and have pinned it above my desk. Good to talk with you, even if briefly, at CNFC. I enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, your tweets.

    Now: back to work.

    Shaun Hunter

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