Book spine poetry with poetry books

Google the term “book spine poetry” and you find a wealth of creative, funny and engaging images of found poems – poems created by stacking books so their titles become a new work.

This meme, which has apparently been around for a few years but of course only discovered by yours truly in the past few months, is one that strikes a chord with me.

Many book titles are so evocative on their own. Stack and link them and they become even more so.

It’s also interesting, of course, to see what books are sitting on a person’s shelf – each book spine in a book spine poem says something about its author / owner.

My twist on this is to create a book spine poem based on poetry books (with a few books on poetics in the mix). Here’s my first attempt.

What Goes On - my first book spine poem

What Goes On – my first book spine poem


Fun, no?

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