It’s here!

There’s nothing like holding a printer’s proof in hand to feel that a book project is nearly complete. This is me, slightly crazed but happy, with the proof for Drawing Back to Take a Running Jump: Selected Poems.

Drawing Back to Take a Running Jump - Selected Poems by Lorne Daniel

Drawing Back to Take a Running Jump – Selected Poems by Lorne Daniel

I love the cover design by my friend, Ottawa writer David Weedmark. With this book, David kicks off his new Weedmark Publishing venture.

The book will officially launch this fall – in softcover print version and a variety of e-book formats, available from all the major online sellers.

Drawing Back is a selection of poems from my earlier (now out-of-print) books, with a few newer ones included. Many of the poems have been revised and reworked. Perhaps we could say that I “sampled” some earlier works in creating these new versions.

Included are the poems that have received the most reader feedback over the years, such as Bone Dance and World Tour.

Of course, bringing a book into production is only part of the process  of getting the work out to readers. So this fall I will embark on the World Tour of Living Rooms, Coffee Shops, Book Clubs, Bookstores and Whoever Else Will Have Me. If you can cobble together a small group for a reading, I’ll do what I can to be there.

The tour gets into gear with my presentation (about e-books) at Wired Words, for the Federation of BC Writers, on September 10. Then on October 1 I’m doing a session for the Writers Guild of Alberta, in my old home town of Red Deer.

Tentative plans are also coming together for other readings in Victoria, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and — a little less likely — Tulsa. If you have any connections / suggestions to make these and others happen, get in touch.

Reviews of the book are welcome! Let me know if you have a blog site or publication that does reviews and I’ll arrange to get you a review copy.

See you this fall?


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