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Twitter. Chat - Communication and possibilities

Twitter. Chat – Communication and possibilities

You likely have an opinion on that statement, whether you are on Twitter or not. Even people who have never actually used the tool have developed cliched impressions of it – in short, that Twitter is where everyone tells no one in particular what they had for breakfast.
What if I told you it can also deliver new life?

An example?
Some years ago, my poem ‘Bone Dance’ was published in my second collection, Falling Together. More recently, the book was included in In the Clear: A Contemporary Canadian Poetry Anthology.
I had a bit of a sense that the poem struck a chord, based on the reaction at my (infrequent) poetry readings. But in the traditional milieu of publishing, that’s about it. No letters, no emails from readers. Publishing, of course, doesn’t encourage direct contact with authors – while it’s possible to contact an author through the publisher, or find him/her in a Google search, it’s one more task that people don’t need. So it doesn’t get done much.
Online, however, it’s a different story. Soon after I launched this site and posted ‘Bone Dance’ as a sample poem, I started getting comments from readers. I sent out a few tweets about it on Twitter. Tweeted replies and ‘retweets’ (forwards) followed. It came to the attention of Ottawa writer and web specialist David Weedmark. David tweeted it on to his 10,000+ followers.
Then he took the extraordinary step of posting a commentary about the poem on a new site, http://www.pencilsandcrayons.com/ . Across the pond in Europe, online reader Naomi Backer, who happens to be an artist, was inspired to create this piece of evocative art based on the poem.
So ‘Bone Dance’ has a new life. It is finding new readers. Later this year, if all goes well, it will be included in a new Selected Poems that will be available in both print and e-book format.
I recently wrote, on Life As a Human, about the millions of blogs out there – and why people continue to write them. It’s about communication. Expanded horizons. New relationships.
The same goes for Twitter. Communication and possibilities.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the description of your work in that Pencils and Crayons post Unc! Glad the internet is helping people a little further away find your work now too. And as a newbie to the blogging world, I also enjoyed reading your thoughts on blogs in Life As a Human.


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