Car talk

A complicated relationship with cars

A complicated relationship with cars

Cars are complicated. And my relationship with cars is complicated.

This fall I have been writing a number of pieces about car culture and my life-long fascination with the sweet rides and scary challenges of motoring.

Take this red 57 Dodge for example – much like my dad’s Dodge – a Canadian edition. Just to complicate things, Canadian Dodges in that era actually had Dodge front ends and Plymouth tail ends. So tracking down a replica is not an easy task. But this one (spotted at a summer car show) is a hardtop; dad’s was a sedan.

Anyway, you might also know that I am an advocate for alternatives to car travel – doing my community activist thing to encourage more investment in transit, bike lanes, sidewalks and the like. So cars and me is definitely a subject with a few odd conflicts.

The first of a series of blog posts on car culture is live on Life as a Human, with a couple more to follow shortly. I also have a couple essays making their way around the publishing world for consideration.

I call the procession of cars that roll through my head my mystery motorcade. I’m not sure why they keep rolling but they do.

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