Keeping busy?

You are busy. I am busy.

As we know, we wear these statements like badges of accomplishment in our society, in these early years of the 21st century. That’s not likely to change significantly for some time.

Through the busyness, we seek clarity and direction. As I transition from defining myself primarily as a consultant to a renewed focus on the “writer” and “student of urban ideas” labels, I have written and found a few pieces that may interest you.

On Life As A Human, I have posted two new blog items. One is an update on my attempts at simplifying my surroundings. Things were not going smoothly when I wrote this – but that’s the reality of any attempt at change.

The second new post is a bit of a rant (would love to do this, ala Rick Mercer, with video) about the growing challenges of public libraries in North America. Thanks to many Twitter followers who have kept me in the loop, in response to my earlier article on this subject. A quick scan of the #libraries hashtag on Twitter will give you a glimpse of the problem.

So here’s that rant about the importance of libraries.

Finally, I’m intrigued by the common themes and challenges in cities across North America, as we grapple with what our cities will become. Ours is a highly urbanized society and only getting more so. There seems to be a (modest?) groundswell of interest in comfortable, walkable neighbourhoods as opposed to more freeways and big box stores. Yet much of our urban planning still delivers wider roads and faster traffic.

I recently came across some great articles that summarize concerns I have had for a number of years now, about the constrictions of engineering language and measurements when applied to the human environment. If you have an interest in how our cities get to be so gawdawful to live in, you need to read these posts in Planners Web.


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