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For me, all creative writing is about trying to make meaning from the human experience. This thing called life is a deep, broad, scattered, fleeting mystery and writers feel compelled to explore it.

“life as a thoughtful human”

I recently came upon a new e-zine that collects and offers thoughtful writing on the web: Life As A Human. I was immediately impressed with its nuanced content and last week had the opportunity to visit with Editor in Chief Kerry Slavens over coffee.

We discovered many parallel lines in our biographies: starting out as poets, moving into public relations and communications consulting, being drawn back to creative writing. It was fun to talk with someone who sees that poetry and PR are not separate universes, that creativity and the lines of life do not flow in clichéd and clear lines from here to there.

Kerry and her partners at Life As A Human felt a need to bring that sensibility to online publishing and I’m glad they did: I have signed on as one of their writers.

Blogging is fine but has its limitations. We are all familiar with the phenomenon of hundreds or thousands of bloggers firing off quick commentaries about the same topical news items. Blogs have brought democracy to writing – it now seems there are more writers than readers.

But longer, deeper, writing is qualitatively different. My experience is that the process of writing leads one into a deeper questioning and learning and sense-making. I have often had the experience of starting what I thought was a relatively straight-forward opinion piece and gradually finding that, as I wrote and researched, I changed my angle, changed my perspective. Changed my mind. In some cases I even did a 180 from my starting position.

This is because a thoughtful writer cares about getting facts right, about checking for opposing viewpoints, about crafting expressions that bring the right nuances to the content.  That process of seeking and refining can lead to new perspectives for writer and reader alike.

I see the value of blogs but there is also a role for more highly crafted commentaries online.

So on my site you will now notice the “I write for Life As A Human” logo and link to the site (right below my Twitter and LinkedIn links). Many of my new articles will appear first on Life As A Human, and then be posted here.

If you enjoy thoughtful writing about the human experience you will enjoy Life As A Human.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the kind words…we are thrilled to have someone of your experience and talent on board at Life As A Human, Lorne.


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