Runners’ Blessing

Here is a lovely and inspiring blessing to runners and running, written and delivered by Doug Koop at the start of the 2012 Manitoba Marathon. I wasn't at the race - but am fortunate to have Doug as a … [Read more...]

Inside the Run: 90 minutes or one moment?

Here is an essay/meditation I wrote a few summers ago, trying to capture the 'flow' of a long distance run. It's a longish piece as a result and likely only of interest to fellow runners. The trail … [Read more...]

Writing Manifesto

most writers need a little prod now and then - here's one I jotted to myself while attending two writing conferences this week: You are a writer. When you write, it matters that you put words … [Read more...]

A cheer, magnified

Aren’t cheerleaders great? I’m not thinking of high school and college cheer teams – though they may also be great. I haven’t been around those much in recent years.   I am thinking of the … [Read more...]

Book spine poetry with poetry books

Google the term "book spine poetry" and you find a wealth of creative, funny and engaging images of found poems - poems created by stacking books so their titles become a new work. This meme, which … [Read more...]

Poets know failure

Another month, another list of failures. Such is the life of a poet. Rejections from literary publications, misses in contest submissions, “no room at the inn” messages from retreats.   A poet sure … [Read more...]

Quonley’s corner then and now

Even those of you who know my work are unlikely to recognize this place. It is on the cover of one of my books. This is Quonley's Market at the entrance to Chinatown in Victoria, BC, Canada. I have … [Read more...]

The genius of moss

What do you see when you look at these photos?  Bad lumber? Difficult walking terrain?   We are conditioned to see places through the lenses of tourism, or industry, or comfort. Where are the … [Read more...]

The power and limitations of documents

In my recent post about Charlotte Small, I noted how the absence of written records creates intriguing gaps in our narratives of the past. As a counterpoint, there is no doubting the fascination of … [Read more...]

Busy like a bookstore should be

Bookstores, we hear, are in trouble. You certainly wouldn't know that if you were among the many who stepped into The Book Man on a rainy Saturday afternoon last weekend. I was fortunate to have … [Read more...]