Crumbling into green

In the calm of a common grove, on an island hillside, lessons in growth and retreat abound. Big brown maple leaves, flat and run through with rain, disintegrate further with each day. Trees that fell … [Read more...]

All the Right Notes

Don’t you love it when a book just fits, when it drops into your hands at the right moment, when you open the pages and it’s like you’ve punched a ticket to some destination that’s always been on your … [Read more...]

Expectations and life’s hard, unpredictable, realities

Journeys have meaning because they are unpredictable, nuanced, and tinged with risk. Otherwise, why journey? And every day is a journey. Like most nuggets of wisdom, this is easier to digest when not … [Read more...]

The richness of spring meadows

Spring is a flashy time here on the islands of the Salish Sea. It is a long and lush season of blooms, from daffodils in February through the magnolias of March with their bright candles of colour, to … [Read more...]

Giving up

What is the value in giving up?Giving up almost sounds like “offering up,” and that word up does give both phrases a positive spin.For 40 years I ‘ve been churning through some words about home and … [Read more...]

One place

Stand in this one place, one moment, and here are all the patterns that matter. Sky and cloud, crashing sea waves and tiny trickles that slip through fine veins of sand. Tide pulling back. Light and … [Read more...]


A few lines here > from a new poem in the works, "Lacuna." … [Read more...]

What I’m hearing

Something has shifted. The air remains still but the light slap, slap, slap of water across the rounded stones on the shore just below me has changed. The rhythmic slaps have become a larger splash, … [Read more...]

Exploring borders, bioregions and culture

I am delighted to have a Guest Editorial appear in A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments.  This spring I was housebound for an extended period, recovering from an injury and … [Read more...]

Julian Hoffman and the patterns of place

It is early evening, dusk, and I go walking in our residential neighbourhood in the heart of Victoria, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. I walk toward the waterfront, past homes and yards that … [Read more...]