Seeking a way, through place.

Land, form. The weight of skies and lift of dust, kicking up around our toes. People moving through place. People drawn to crossroads where we watch the movements, the patterns. I am fascinated by the back-and-forth of places and people.

Welcome to this place where you may find elements of meaning, words of possibility, and some places worthy of exploration, demarcation, consideration.

On a slightly different path, I also blog about the urban sense of place over at my urbanist site Rethink Urban and at the citizens' group I founded, Greater Victoria Placemaking Network.

From The Blog

Crumbling into green

In the calm of a common grove, on an island hillside, lessons in growth and retreat abound. Big brown maple leaves, flat and run through with rain, disintegrate further with each day. Trees that fell … [Read More...]

All the Right Notes

Don’t you love it when a book just fits, when it drops into your hands at the right moment, when you open the pages and it’s like you’ve punched a ticket to some destination that’s always been on your … [Read More...]

Expectations and life’s hard, unpredictable, realities

Journeys have meaning because they are unpredictable, nuanced, and tinged with risk. Otherwise, why journey? And every day is a journey. Like most nuggets of wisdom, this is easier to digest when not … [Read More...]

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