Writing is wayfinding.

Writing is a searching through our world, our words, for fragments and textures that feel familiar, yet are not. Lives like ours, but different.

Like any writer, I keep returning to certain topics. Place, placemaking and our personal geographies is one magnet. On a week-to-week basis, I also blog about running, community involvement, urban planning and sustainability - topics that engage me repeatedly.

Welcome to this place where you may find elements of meaning, words full of possibility, some things worthy of exploration, demarcation, consideration.


From The Blog

One place

beach elements

Stand in this one place, one moment, and here are all the patterns that matter. Sky and cloud, crashing sea waves and tiny trickles that slip through fine veins of sand. Tide pulling back. Light and … [Read More...]



A few lines here > from a new poem in the works, "Lacuna." … [Read More...]

What I’m hearing

The stillness of Barkley Sound, early evening, from Sechart Lodge.

Something has shifted. The air remains still but the light slap, slap, slap of water across the rounded stones on the shore just below me has changed. The rhythmic slaps have become a larger splash, … [Read More...]

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