Seeking a way, through place.

Land, form. The weight of skies and lift of dust, kicking up around our toes. People moving through place. People drawn to crossroads where we watch the movements, the patterns. I am fascinated by the back-and-forth of places and people.

Welcome to this place where you may find elements of meaning, words of possibility, and some places worthy of exploration, demarcation, consideration.

On a slightly different path, I also blog about the urban sense of place over at my urbanist site Rethink Urban and at the citizens' group I founded, Greater Victoria Placemaking Network.

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Giving up

Lodgepole black woods copy

What is the value in giving up?Giving up almost sounds like “offering up,” and that word up does give both phrases a positive spin.For 40 years I ‘ve been churning through some words about home and … [Read More...]

One place

beach elements

Stand in this one place, one moment, and here are all the patterns that matter. Sky and cloud, crashing sea waves and tiny trickles that slip through fine veins of sand. Tide pulling back. Light and … [Read More...]



A few lines here > from a new poem in the works, "Lacuna." … [Read More...]

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