Writing is wayfinding.

Writing is a searching through our world, our words, for fragments and textures that feel familiar, yet are not. Lives like ours, but different.

Like any writer, I keep returning to certain topics. Place, placemaking and our personal geographies is one magnet. On a week-to-week basis, I also blog about running, community involvement, urban planning and sustainability - topics that engage me repeatedly.

Welcome to this place where you may find elements of meaning, words full of possibility, some things worthy of exploration, demarcation, consideration.


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Julian Hoffman and the patterns of place

The Small Heart of Things

It is early evening, dusk, and I go walking in our residential neighbourhood in the heart of Victoria, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. I walk toward the waterfront, past homes and yards that … [Read More...]

Cars in the psyche

Quads, green Tsuru taxis & more mix on the streets of San Miguel de Allende

A few years ago, I wandered down to San Miguel de Allende, on the central high plateaus of Mexico, for a month-long creative non-fiction workshop led by California writer Steven Church. An inspiring … [Read More...]

Exploring places of unusual power

John Schreiber

Recently I have been wandering the iconic interior ranch country of British Columbia through the words and photos of The Junction by John Schreiber. Subtitled 'Stories of Land and Place in the BC … [Read More...]

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